I’m 38 and it just hit me that this happened. It wasn’t sudden, they didn’t disappear overnight when their children were born, it was gradual.
I had both female and male friends and they gradually drifted away. I still talk to them but it’s not the same, you can feel the level of commitment someone has to the friendship.

A couple of years ago my best friend, early 40s, was still happily childfree , one day she calls me to happily announce that she was pregnant and it was planned. What?

A few years ago people around me started having kids but there was still a good balance of people with kids vs no kids, but now that I’m 38 I feel like they all have kids and it feels a bit lonely..

I do want to say that I understand that priorities change when someone has a child, I don’t expect to be my friends’ top priority, lol.

Ok, thanks for listening.