All women have different experiences

I know a posted yesterday about being upset that my black friend with benefits rejected me for an East Asian woman and I was called xenophobic and downvoted.

Sometimes I think other cultures do not understand how disrespectful some black man can be towards black women, particularly dark skin black women when it comes to dating.

I would love to go back and think racial preferences are simply just that. It is really hard for me to see that simply.

I know I had a non black therapist try to say it was simply a preference.

I had a light skinned black ex-boyfriend worry how dark skinned our future children would be and I remember how often he talked about wanting a woman with green eyes. He currently has a child with a Hispanic woman.

I guess this post is a defense of my views and post. You may still think I am racist and xenophobic.

I have had enough experiences with black men who insult black women and hold other races higher on a pedestal for me to not take it personally.

All women have different experiences