Am confused why humans choose to create humans

If your reason for creating a human to raise is collectivistic “for the good of the human race” then you would have been better off helping the human race by helping the humans that already exist and suffer. Humans of various ages.

If your reason for creating a human to raise was individualistic based on your wants, then you were just being selfish and wanted a form of entertainment/fulfilment for yourself. There are so many other ways to get entertainment/fulfilment that doesn’t require another life form.

Due to your selfishness there is a whole other life now forced to exist. A parent-child relationship is the only non-consensual one because a child depends on the parent for survival and may not understand consent up to a certain age, so can’t end this relationship unlike any other relationship is consensual so can be ended any time. There is also an inherent power imbalance, adult-privilege is a thing.

Compound on top that there is a systemic issue of people thinking that to be good at childcare and raising a human to not create a suffering being the prerequisite is simply having reproductive organs, when that is long gone considering the complexity of the human brain and complexity of society it lives in.

These days we know human can have a sex drive so want to do various forms of sexual activity whether alone or partnered but that is not the same as choice to procreate. Which is a choice in developed countries with proper sex ed, birth control, sterilization, abortion options.

Moreover, there is unfairness in that human with a uterus has to go through pregnancy and childbirth, which is unpleasant at best and suffering at worst.

So why do humans choose to procreate?

I suspect the answer lies in sociological concepts but idk.

Am confused why humans choose to create humans