Another movie theatre rant.

I always buy my tickets in advance because I want a particular seat in the XD theatre which is seat J13. For movies I want to see, I will legit stalk the theatre’s website 3 times a day until they open advance ticket sales.

So I bought ticket j13 to Minions as soon as it opened. I usually get there early and have my popcorn and everything but I was running late due to having to switch cars as one is having O2 sensors issues and guzzling gas, had to make sure the car I was driving was okay since she started to complain about her oil pressure once I arrived to the theatre and the long food lines.

By the time I got my popcorn and drink, the previews had started and I was making my way to my seat and low behold there was a lady sitting in it. the exchange went like this.

Z: I’m sorry but you’re in my seat
L: Excuse me? *with an attitude*
Z: You are in my seat, my seat is J13
L: Well I’m here with my grandson *points to grandson who I don’t even look at*
Z: You are in my seat
L: Well, do you mind switching? *still has an attitude*
Z: No.
L: Excuse me?
Z: I said No. You are in my seat
L: *Proceeds to roll her eyes and huff and puff as she moves to what I think is her actual seat.*

Now I’m able to still look at the seating chart, you can still access it by acting like you’re buying a ticket on the app and it shows in grey, which seats are taken. This goon bought the two empty seats on either side of me and tried to intimidate me into moving, and guess what. The seat next to her was open on the app. She could have bought both the empty seats to the left of me but chose to buy J12 and J14 instead of just getting J14 and J15.

When the movie ended and everyone was leaving, she was complaining to her grandson about how rude it was of me to not let her sit with her grandson when she was the one that didn’t buy her seats together.

If she wasn’t sitting in my seat and asked nicely then I would have made an exception but to be sitting in my spot and then throw a fucking attitude when I tell you nicely that you are in my spot. No, fuck you and your ‘bonding’ time, next time buy two seats together ya goober

Another movie theatre rant.