Being Petty and Getting Over a FWB

I don’t know why it bothers me that I wasn’t my fwb type. He generally preferred big breasted white women or East Asian women. I was his one black girl. I understand I shouldn’t care. I am no longer seeing him but I wonder if he was settling for me or I was just an experiment/experience for him. It bothers me more that he’s half black himself – black mother and white father – but he didn’t seem to care much for black women.

It really pissed off he asked out this international student from China. I know he really likes Asian culture – Chinese and Japanese. He was annoyed that I didn’t open up to him about my issues yet he would remind me we were just bed buddies by checking out other women, talking to me about his ex, flirting with other women, asking out another woman , and even finding a guy for me.

I just don’t understand why I wasn’t good enough to be his girlfriend. He talked me a lot about the recent death of his dad, his family, we were intimate together. He considered me his closest friend why didn’t he want me as a girlfriend?

He would look heartbroken and upset when he found out I still talked to my ex.

The girl he asked out didn’t even know English that well. I don’t think she even noticed he was asked her out. I could tell he really liked her.

Being Petty and Getting Over a FWB