Brazilian wax burn – help?!

I have been going to European Wax Center for years and it’s been great until today. My normal lady is out unexpectedly so they had to reschedule with someone else.

They lied to me about her experience level. When I went back it seemed to be fine but then burned me, kept putting wax in one spot and removing it , she got wax inside of me, did not wax the entire area, and then left wax on me and told me to remove it at home.

Where she kept applying wax and removing it, it’s two different areas. It hurts to walk and sit. I cannot wear bottoms because everything hurts.

I talked to the front desk and their solution was to give me 1000 points.

It’s not that I’m not thankful for the points but I am going to have to go to the dr because of how bad this is. I also will probably miss work.

Do I have any other options? I don’t think 1000 points makes up for what they did.

Brazilian wax burn – help?!