Calling All Childfree Indian American Women At Least 35 Years

Dear r/childfree,

I am a childfree therapist and doctoral candidate in Counselor Education. My research invests in normalizing and validating the choice of childlessness. Historically, the disciplines of psychology and counseling have pathologized the decision, positioning it counter to normative adult development and levying negative depictions; today, nuanced explorations that trace the textured fabric of childfree lives remain scarce. In response, I am conducting a dissertation study on the experiences of childfree Indian American women 35 years or older.

If you are:
** Asian Indian,** ***and***
** Identify as a woman,** ***and***
** At least 35 years of age,** ***and***
** Childless and intending on remaining so ,** ***and***
** Currently based in the United States**

I would love to hear from you! If you fulfill criteria, I request the honor of your participation in a 90-minute interview about your childfree choice and related experiences. Interviews will be conducted in English on Zoom and remain confidential, a $25 Amazon gift card provided for your generosity of time and self-disclosure.

Your voice is an important contribution, not only to addressing the underrepresentation of South Asian American experience, but also to affirming women’s embodied realities amid a landscape where the very notion of a woman’s choice is under attack. Further, the interview is intended to facilitate self-reflective, even cathartic conversation on topics which may be seldom explored in daily life.

If you are interested in participating in this study or have questions, please contact me at . If you know someone who may meet criteria, please forward. Thank you for your consideration and support!

Calling All Childfree Indian American Women At Least 35 Years