Considering dating as a way to move out?

Posting here as I’m unsure where else to post.

For context, I live with my parents, I’m 28, and have been single for 8 years. I’m very introverted, and childfree .

The thing is, I want to move out on my own. Although my parents are okay, they can be toxic and make living with them difficult at times. If I had the choice, I would be more than happy to be living on my own than with them.

I can’t afford to move out though. I’m working at the minute, but with my current work and experience, I wouldn’t be able to earn more without redoing things .

At this rate, all I can think is the only choice is to date someone and move in with them if I ever hope to move out of my parents place. Yes, I have insecurities around dating, and experiences from the past 8 years confirms that I’m not exactly attractive or interesting to others, but I’m getting desperate.

Is it wrong for me to be considering to start dating with the key driving force in my head right now being that I want to move out? If I went ahead with it, would it be an asshole move for me? Would it be better to suck it up for longer, in hopes that an interview for the apprenticeship will eventually work out and give me more money further down the line so that I might eventually be able to move out on my own? Any advice would be appreciated at this point.

Considering dating as a way to move out?