Entitled parents and expecting people to cater to them

I need to rant and need support.

I have always thought I wanted children, up until my marriage where my ex used having children as a way to control me. After therapy, and really questioning why or what I wanted with my life. I realized I don’t want children, I like my life and after raising my siblings and ex-husband , I realized I just could not continue to sacrifice my life to give someone else the things I didn’t have when I could give it to myself now

On to the issue. I recently bought a house after my ex literally took everything. I worked hard to get where I am and I like my safety and peace. Queue me coming back from running errands when the neighbors a couple houses down run out and try and block me from entering my garage and getting to my car. Why you asked?

Cause they don’t like that I drive down in front of their house because their kid likes to run out. I’ve almost hit him once because he ran in front my car. I tell them to F off and get off my property. I don’t care about them and to leave me alone

The husband rants about I need to slow down and he’s calling the cops. I laugh in his face and tell him I literally don’t care. To stay the F off my property, he proceeds to then say to quote: “I cant tell him that cause I am his property”. I laughed again and said I’m not your or anyone’s property. I pointed to his wife and said she may be happy with that and being “your” property BUT I’M NOT SO TO F OFF!

The sheer audacity of this blew me away like what???? I emailed the hoa and let them know what happened. And filed a formal complaint. I heard a knock and didn’t even answer my door. As a survivor of domestic abuse by a spouse no way am I entertaining that mess

If anyone also has other suggestions, I’m thinking of sending a cease and desist letter from my lawyer . And let them know if they approach me again I will get a restraining order

But I just needed to rant because wtaf!!! Learn to manage your kids, I’m not going to stop driving how I want when you can’t control your child, I don’t care if there are kids here. Teach them not to run out in the road. And secondly, for this MF to think he can’t tell me I’m his property, I can’t even.

I will be putting up my cameras and staying safe. I’m happy to admit I’m wrong so internet peeps give it to me straight. But I don’t think I am because people feel entitled to the road because of their kids, craziness.

Further suggestions on dealing with this are welcome.

Entitled parents and expecting people to cater to them