Everybody Vote!

Everybody vote!

What I’m about to write is probably self-evident to most who read this subreddit, but it only really hit me recently that a large chunk of the game in US politics is simply encouraging specific demographics to vote . There is a massive pool of unrealized voter potential in the United States, and if everyone voluntarily voted or we had a mandatory federal voting law like Australia, then the political landscape in the US would likely be profoundly different.

One could focus on any number of political issues that might be addressed by just getting more people voting , but I’m posting in this subreddit because of an acute need to respond to the sea change in US reproductive health policy.

Clearly the US Supreme Court is radically unbalanced in this moment and will likely continue to be unbalanced for decades. The executive branch can attempt to order some stop-gap measures to help delay the effects of suddenly-activated, draconian state laws, but the only surefire way for the US federal government to quickly rejoin modern perspectives on reproductive health policy is through legislative action.

State legislatures matter too. It wouldn’t have been quite so jarring for Roe vs. Wade to have been overturned if all of the states had been more moderate in their legislative representations.

I have been personally negligent in my past participation in government, but no longer. Voting matters, even if the system is biased . Stacey Abrams has shown us the power of inspiring people to vote. Getting modern representation in federal and state legislatures is the key to a more favorable future for all of us.

Everybody vote! Vote local, vote state, vote federal! Vote! Vote! Vote!

Everybody Vote!