Hard decision (sort of)

Hi all

I posted here semi-recently about being confirmed for a bisalp, my surgery is in a few days but we’ve been told our insurance won’t cover any costs and it’ll be around $9k

I know I want to get this surgery done, but what’s hard it I’m 21, my husband is 24, and we don’t make a lot of money

We’re wanting to move soon but we haven’t paid off all out debt yet- we just got it down to about $2k which I was excited about, and that’s why I’m hesitant to add another $9k on top of it, especially since I don’t really want to take the leap and move anywhere while we have debt beyond what we can immediately pay off, not to mention the fact that many places may not even accept us as tenants with debt beyond what we’re able to immediately alleviate

I don’t know, it’s a scary time right now so I keep going back and forth

We live with my parents right now but we can hardly stand it honestly

We could pay this off with a couple months of hard work but it’s scary to make big financial decisions right now, so I suppose I’m asking for advice from anyone who’s been in this situation before

Hard decision (sort of)