Has anyone else changed their mind about having kids after the Roe overturn?

My husband and I were planning to try for a baby later this year. I went off my birth control six weeks ago because I wanted to get my hormones tested .

After the Roe overturn, I decided to go back on birth control and I made an appointment for a nexplanon in October.

I’m terrified of what could happen to me since I’m in a red state. What if I have a partial miscarriage and can’t get it removed? What if I have an ectopic pregnancy and have to wait for three physicians to sign off on my procedure while I’m laying there dying?

And before anyone says “they can’t leave you to die,” yes, they can.

Some days I just want to forget the whole kid thing because rationally it seems like a terrible idea.

I’m just sad and I don’t know what to do, and I’m sure a lot of other women are in this same position.

Edit: If men want to come in here and tell us we’re overreacting, you can go fuck off a cliff. I don’t care what you have to say and neither do 99% of the women here. You think us dying is an overreaction? You’re a part of the problem and I hope you don’t have any women in your lives.

Saying that not having kids is “letting the conservatives win” is bullshit. You know how they win? When we die. They win when we die.

Edit 2: You think I’m misinformed or that I got my info off Twitter? No, I have firsthand accounts of this shit happening already, as do other women in these comments. Quit your bullshit. This isn’t fear mongering it’s very real.

Has anyone else changed their mind about having kids after the Roe overturn?