Holding everyone up because you want your kid to feel involved

Something that has been bugging me at my job and today at the store: but I can’t *stand* when parents let their kids do things/say their order when they are unsure and hold up the lines behind them.

At my job, we make your food in front of you and have to ask you what you want every step of the way. Size and bread? Meat and cheese? Toppings? Sauce? And the number of parents that let their kids do their order when the kid isn’t old enough or too shy to is **astounding**. Small children don’t know what they want and/or how to order it so it usually goes like this:


*buffer for a minute*

*stands there waiting while the line grows and I have hours worth of cleanings to do*

“Oh he wants turkey”

*repeats for EVERY part of the process*

ANSWER FROM THE BEGINNING!! I get that kids need to learn to order for themselves, but teaching them when there’s clearly a line of people behind you is asinine!!

It sucks from a person in line’s perspective too: I went to my local grocery store after work for something and the dad thought it would be good to teach his 3 year old how to scan and what the word “barcode” was. Kid was obviously fooling around and slow, and there were 3 people behind him waiting for his stand to open .

Like what goes on in your mind for you to not realize you’re stopping SO many people from continuing their days just because of *your* kid?? I’d feel so embarrassed having so many people wait for me while I have decided nows a good time to teach my kid something. Have some self awareness to realize the world shouldn’t be stopping for you and your screaming luggage. There are so many other appropriate times for this, like when it ISNT busy. Drives me up a wall but when I express my annoyance I always get told “they’re just kids”. They’re not the problem, their parent that lacks self awareness is and I’d like to get on with things.

Sorry if this sounds stupid but I figured if anyone would relate I’d find them here.

Holding everyone up because you want your kid to feel involved