I don’t think I know what I look like?

People have told me these two things multiple times:

You don’t look like your picture. I can’t figure out why but it doesn’t look like you.

You look different in every photo

I do not photoshop or Snapchat or filter or whatever to my photos. They are exactly what the camera captures. BUT I DO POST MAINLY SELFIES. Selfies that I took by holding my phone at arms length.

It makes me feel very insecure. Because I look at the photos and I think but that’s me that’s what I look like. All these photos are me. But people look at me like I’m crazy and posting edited photos of me or someone else.

I just post picture of my face or like shoulders and up.

Anyone else experience this? How can I know what I actually look like???

I don’t think I know what I look like?