I had my bilateral salpingectomy done today, I’m 23.

I’m so happy. I made the appointment for a consultation the morning after I found out about the Roe v Wade leak and I’ve not once felt nervous or second thoughts about my decision.

I found a doctor through the sidebar in this subreddit and she listened to me, heard me, and understood my perspective. I was so afraid of getting talked down to by another doctor but she was so nice!!

It’s the night of day one and I can’t sleep, lol. For anyone curious the pain from the pressure of the excess gas they filled me with hurts more than the actual incisions. Bending and easing down to lay down are a little tough, but I can do it without help. I’ve been up, walking, talking, and cooking.

I live in Missouri where people have just lost a lot of access to healthcare, and I’m so thankful to have the privilege of still being on my parents insurance. I lived every single day of my life basically in fear of getting pregnant, even before the overturning of Roe v Wade, and doing this has genuinely given me agency over my body that I have never felt. Even on birth control I was always afraid of being the up 1% who still got pregnant.

I feel free and safe in my own body for literally the very first time in my life.

tldr; I have so much gas in me right now lol

I had my bilateral salpingectomy done today, I’m 23.