I think they are jealous.

I think a lot of the pushback we get from breeders is jealousy. Hear me out:

They hear people planning out lives unhindered by children and the responsibilities that go with them. We talk about wanting to travel freely, have spare money and quiet, tidy homes. We talk about how children won’t trap us in an unhappy relationship with someone who is not the person they were when you met them at 20 , how we won’t ruin our bodies or have every conversation interrupted by a child. We can have sex when we want to, drink or take recreational drugs when we like, we only have to clean the mess we make and have the conversations we want to.

They see that we have seen their mistake *before* we’ve made it. I bet money so many of them wished they had been less naive and more decisive.

Think about how often you hear parents complain about the reality of having children. They bitch CONSTANTLY about how tired they are, how dirty their house gets and how difficult their kids are, yet they get literally angry at us when we explain we don’t want them for exactly that reason?

I think it’s because a decent amount of them are regretting their decision but can’t say it for fear of sounding like bad parents.

I think they are jealous.