Men hate everything I loved about the Boys finale- all the spoilers

1. “It would have been better for ‘the story’ if Maeve died.”

For a straight man, the ‘bury your gays’ trope is just another TV cliche. They have no idea what it’s like to have EVERY character that reminds you of yourself murdered or killed off. It is a numbness, a coldness, a dissociation from my body- because you are already getting the message that people want you dead in life. It sucks to be reminded of it in entertainment. It removes me from the experience.

If I were a TV writer, I would not feel like I had best served the story if a plot line caused mass disengagement from the story in a segment of the fan base.

I almost wept when she was identified as gay and not bisexual in her TV obituary. Erasure of identity after death is a major trauma in the gay community.

I loved that it was a misdirect. I love that it skewered the cliche.

Theory- Of course, I’m not sure how her girlfriend is going to feel about raising Butcher’s supe baby but that’s how they will bring Maeve back into the show. The blast fried compound V in her blood but a natural born can’t be tampered with so easily. Later seasons will be their lesbian raised baby supe vs a trauma-bonded alt right daddy’s boy Ryan.

2. “Starlight’s bossfight with SB was boring.” Really? I found it fascinating and beautiful. I got emotional when she began to elevate.

Nothing in entertainment or media really teaches you how to be a good partner to a woman who is far more successful than you. I’m gay and sometimes I still have a hard time feeling like I’m not good enough. My partner is one of 20,000 people in the world that can do predictive mathematics at her level. She is physically very beautiful, kind, and patient, and respectful with people that basically talking dogs compared her in the IQ department. Sometimes I feel intimidated or like I’m not enough even after almost a decade with her. Whenever I feel that way, I take something off her plate that is stressing her out because that’s what she values in a partner not how the world sees me.

Huey demonstrated in the most beautiful way how be a good partner to an accomplished women. Shine the light on her, elevate her, and stand back in awe and wonder that you get to make a life with someone so incredible.

It also was a perfect illustration of how women want to be supported by their partners. If we are struggling, don’t take over and undermine our determination. We want partners that will the support and resources we need to get over the hill.

Theory: Starlight will be closely followed by a bulletproof van filled AV equipment on dangerous missions. Huey provides a boost of energy whenever she needs it and uses his past AV experience to rig up increasingly smaller, more targeted and more powerful light rigs. They work as a team benefiting from each other’s talents and past experiences.

I love that the writers chose to give her that ending and I love that the writers are using comic books about dicksplosions as a back door to teach men basic relationship etiquette.

Men hate everything I loved about the Boys finale- all the spoilers