Mens “compliments” and praise over my petite-ness

I admit. For a minute I liked it. I kept seeing all kinds of stuff about mens preference for petite women and it made me feel beautiful. Especially when women who I found to be beautiful started saying they were jealous of ME because of my size.

But during covid I saw this tik Tok where this guy was talking about how he’s rather be with “a petite 5 than a tall 10” and it pretty much destroyed my self esteem. I feel like I was so naive to internalize all the “praise” and as silly as it sounds that stupid video kind of became a catalyst for a pretty long bout of depression for me that I’m only just now coming out of. I remember that mostly all the comments from men were in agreement that tiny size trumps all other categories and the way they were taking about petite-ness was so dehumanizing. and all the comments from women were awful too. either tall women who were saying they wish they were shorter or short women who were leaning in to the “compliment” and calling themselves “fun sized” etc

And idk.

I know I shouldn’t give so much of my energy into caring what men are thinking. I know. But it’s not just men being creepy that depressing me. It’s the dehumanization. And it’s the women too. Now every time I see a beautiful taller women saying she wishes she was shorter I feel a twinge of sadness and pain.

Idk it just sucks and I’m venting sorry if this isn’t the right place for this, just in a bad place

Mens “compliments” and praise over my petite-ness