More Triggered Mombies…

My boyfriend sent me a link to an article about a pissed off mombie who thinks all CF couples should be banned from traveling during the summer. The brief paragraph I was able to read mentioned how they thought it was outrageous that child free couples chose to travel at the busiest time of the year when “they can go whenever they want!”

First of all, I have a job where I can’t request off from the week before Thanksgiving all the way to the end of January. That’s three whole months I can’t go on a vacation. Which means I couldn’t go visit family in another location if I wanted to. So that already answers your question on why CF people can’t just go willy nilly.

Not to mention that maybe people like to go on vacation during the summer because the weather is nice? Spring is too cold, fall can be too cold and winter is a no-brainer.

Honestly, I don’t understand why people have kids then expect nothing but the best for themselves. Not even their kids at some point, but themselves as a parent.

Honestly if you’re going to be THAT miserable then just re-home your child. I have no doubt people like this are just jealous that we as CF people realized having kids is optional and we prefer it that way.

More Triggered Mombies…