My abortion

I’ve been seeing lots of comments lately wishing that more women would share their stories. Mine is one of the “not ok” ones.

I got an abortion in my mid twenties. I was in a stable relationship, in good financial and bodily health. My partner and I lived together in a two bedroom apartment. It was an accident, we used protection. Neither of us wanted a child and it was a very easy decision for us. I was 6 weeks. I took time off from work and told my caring coworkers and friends that I had just had a “mild infection” when they asked if I was feeling better.

I sometimes idly reflect on what my life would look like now if we’d have kept it, and I’m so happy that we did not. Our lives have flourished, we’ve both accomplished so much in that time. We’ve since got married, and are in a much better place in all things.

If we were to have a child now I know 100% that we would be much better parents. It would be a wanted and loved child. No resentment, no regrets.

I am so happy with the person that I was able to become and the life I was able to build because I had the choice of bodily autonomy.

My heart aches for all of the women in my country that no longer have the freedom I did.

Edit: I meant that it wouldn’t be considered “ok” or “moral” in today’s climate because there was literally no reason why I couldn’t have had it except that I didn’t want to. I wanted share my story because ALL abortions are ok regardless of the reason. It’s a personal decision. Sorry for the confusion!

My abortion