My bisalp experience today!

I was so nervous but I DID IT!!!! I am officially no longer able to get pregnant and I COULDNT BE HAPPIER.

Consult was about a month ago, super easy breezy. My doctor didn’t question my choices and she was cool with doing it. Fast forward to my pre op testing a few days ago. Covid test and full blood test. All set.

Today I got to the hospital around 10:30. Signed a TON of consent forms! Spoke to a nurse and the anesthesiologist. Then my doctor came in and walked me through everything. By 12:45 I was in the OR when I got some loopy drugs. I remember talking to the nurses about tiktok and then all of the sudden I woke up in the recovery room. Super fast. The entire procedure took about an hour I think, but I’m not sure.

Felt a bit nauseous when I woke up so they gave me some medicine for that in my IV. they asked me to use the bathroom to pee and then I felt a tiny bit dizzy walking there. I was deathly terrified of peeing because I had heard that it can BURN. But honestly the burning/pain was very insignificant. It felt more like an awareness if that makes sense. It didn’t hurt :)

Once that happened, they called my ride and then I got to go home. Was a tad nauseous in the car but opening the windows helped.

I was able to get upstairs to my apartment all alone! Elevators help :) now i am resting!

Happy to answer questions!

My bisalp experience today!