My genetics are a goddamn minefield.

My genetics are probably my number 1 reason for not having kids.

Autism is extremely prominent. My grandfather has it, my uncle has it. The wife my uncle married has autism also and guess what? All 3 of their kids have autism.

My other aunt has one child who is autistic with other developmental delays.

My younger brother is autistic with developmental delays as well. I grew up alongside this violent, uncommunicative child and it was absolute hell. Every one of us kids had a hand in parenting him as well because my parents just couldn’t do it. My parents almost split because of him.

Mental illness and psychosis are also big factors. A lot of us have depression and anxiety to the point of it being debilitating. I was suicidal at 8 and have suffered mental illness since the age of 4-5.

And yet people still look at me like I’m insane when I say I don’t want kids because of my genes.

They say shit like
“What about your bloodline?”
“They might not turn out that way”
“Ah, so you’re adopting then?”

Like no. I don’t want kids, even adopted, but I’ll never biologically reproduce.

My genetics are a goddamn minefield.