my stepdad is quite literally always staring at me and is always watching my every move.

good morning, or good afternoon or possibly even a good night.

stepdad is always staring at me , every time i leave my room or every time i just generally appear in his eye sight he will just stare at me, and i constantly have to tell him to “stop” except he doesn’t. it absolutely bothers me, and it makes me very uncomfortable. i have no idea what to do about it seeming as “stop” will not fix my situation. when he stares at me, and i move his eyes follow me, and thats where i am even more uncomfortable, i don’t even know where he is looking because i literally cannot tell at all.

i am certain my mum has noticed, or just seen it at least happen once because she’s always in the area when it would happen.
i don’t want to mention it to her because i feel like she would tell me, “oh, i assume it’s just a joke or something. it’s not serious, so get over it.”

i need some advice, explanations. is this normal? i wouldn’t know, i’ve only lived with one man in my life, my uncle because my dad left when i was 2 for reasons and everyone else i never met.

my stepdad once was asking me if i wanted to go out somewhere with him and my mum, i forgot where but when he was asking my door was shut because i was getting dressed as i just got out of the shower. a little later, half way when he was talking he opened my door a little bit and just stood there looking while i was changing. i’m not sure if he didn’t know or not but it was very uncomfortable for me.
he didn’t leave till he stopped talking.

we’re moving into his house in august. what do i do. living here already with him is enough, i’m so scared for myself on what else could be next because i never felt more uncomfortable in my life.

i don’t understand how my mother wanted a child with this man, or even is dating him.

i hope that made sense, thank you for reading and possibly responding with something.

my stepdad is quite literally always staring at me and is always watching my every move.