Opinions Needed

Two friends and I were having a discussion about children clothing to be more specific little girls clothing. Let’s called them Friend A & B

Friend A: thinks a little girl should be dressed as their age, doesn’t matter if the outfit is trendy or not. Little girls shouldn’t be dressed too inappropriately or like an adult

Friend B: thinks for someone to say a little girl is dressed too grown. that they’re sexualizing them or that they’re not looking at them as they are a child

My Opinion: is that I kinda agree with Friend B. that for someone to say that a child is dressed too grown you’d have to get into the mindset of a P3do to think/say that but at the same time.

I also agree with Friend A, where some of these outfits are not only unnecessary but also not accessible for kids to do what they best which is playing. A body-con dress or a bikini is unnecessary for a toddler/child to wear.

I also have opinion on swimsuits

Both of my friends said that I’m playing the middle so I don’t have to choose side with one of them even though this my real opinion.

I would like to hear other people’s opinions on the topic & also put a disclaimer. My friends and I do not have kids & these are just our opinions

If you do something with your kids that one of us said we disagree with. that’s perfectly fine, you do what you think is best for your kids. As a parent should!

I just wanna have a debate about this. no being mean or disrespectful

Opinions Needed