Parent LogicTM

just got off a delayed flight and as I’m sat I hear a woman coming down the aisle, I hear “I need to speak to whoever is in D18” something like that

Anyway she’s behind me and gives the usual speech to this poor guy “these are my kids can I have your seat?”

First off, fuck parents like this, delaying the already delayed flight with your bullshit because you can’t fucking plan and the flight attendants have to be distracted with your crap. she gives a sob story about how “these are the only seats she could get” or some shit.

Anyway this man refuses, she is about to go Karen mode and then she sees he’s with a baby and a child and it’s instant:

“Oh never-mind a baby always takes priority over me!”

Oh fuck you. You have priority over no one because you have piss poor planning, her kids were like 13 as well but it’s like ??? we all know you just didn’t want to pay to choose your seats.

Pay for your seats if you want certain seats especially if you don’t want to leave your kids unsupervised???? Imagine they were stuck next to a creep or something. Supervising your kids is protecting them!

I don’t know why it made me so irrationally annoyed maybe because her voice was jarring or my annoyance at the delayed flight idk but piss off lady!

Side note the regular parent was a complete lad, he kept somehow kept his child and baby quiet and happy which I know is hard on a plane so it was a pleasant surprise! For once only the parent was annoying as fuck on a flight with lots of kids. Shocker!

Parent LogicTM