Period tracking apps: Why

I keep seeing the articles of the White House warning citizens against using period tracking apps, which is sickening that the federal government is having to issue statements to protect us from our state governments, and also the comments are infuriating.

“Just use a calendar.”

“Get a book if you want to know info about your period.”

“This data is irrelevant.”

So here’s my info rant on these apps for anyone that might not get what they do or why we are upset about this.

These apps do more than a calendar or a yes/no on your period.

Using a lot of different data points to predict your ovulation and period with very good accuracy. This is way more helpful and easy than tracking all this on paper to predict it yourself, especially if your cycle is irregular and it’s hard to see every pattern over time on paper. The app can be like “hey we noticed over the last 6 month, you get a bunch of energy, crave salt, feel bloated, and have trouble focusing at work about 2 days before you ovulate so heads up!”

Yes, ovulation is “around 2 weeks” after your period but seemingly small things can delay it, you may have irregular ovulations but regular periods, you may be entirely irregular, tons of things cause variability.

It’s used often for family planning – of either knowing when your “risky window” is if you don’t want to be pregnant, or your “lets make a baby window” if you do want to get pregnant.

It can also predict when you’ll start bleeding, so you aren’t caught with blood all over your pants at work.

There’s a lot of reasons to use them and why these apps exist. “Just use a calendar lol” is not helpful, but thanks for playing.

This method of birth control is 76% – 88?fective, which is not great. 12 out of 100 women using it will get pregnant yearly. But, there’s a lot of reasons to use this method and apps bring your chance at efficacy up, by getting near “perfect use” and using way more data points.

In court, it won’t help you if you’ve logged everything, including your pregnancy tests results, or if you stop using the app. Pretty suspect if I suddenly don’t have data entered after using the app consistently right when the app said “hey! You should take a pregnancy test.”

If you’re a guy wanting to know more, seriously, thanks for reading and caring.

If you’re a guy trying to mansplain tracking my period to me, absolutely no.

Period tracking apps: Why