Pregnant friend is so hard to talk to

My 37f friend is pregnant with her third child and has become a totally different person. She is angry all the time and it’s like walking on eggshells talking to her. She is an untreated alcoholic that went cold Turkey off drinking once she had a positive pregnancy test.

Her and I went from being close to now feeling like I barely know her. It feels like she hates me honestly.

Sucks. It’s possible she looks at my cf life and feels some envy. It’s odd she is having another kid when her and her husband aren’t financially comfortable. She constantly already seemed stress with the two children she already has.

In a few months she wants me to fly and be there at the hospital when she delivers and I am dreading it. Plus plane tickets are so expensive.

The dark truth is that she probably won’t be happy again until she starts drinking. I wish she’d get therapy but she never will.

Pregnant friend is so hard to talk to