Severe pain 2 months after iud? When will it stop?

25f here. I’m in Canada.

I had my first iud put in 2 months ago. I need birth control, but I also wanted my periods to stop completely. I have really painful periods, and really painful ovulation. I also am reluctant to take pills as bc, as I’m afraid of the hormones interacting with my anti-depressants, and I’m afraid of blood clots.

Since having the iud put in, I have had two periods. I’ve been bleeding pretty much every day over the last two months, but these were slightly heavier. In general though, I am really just spotting most of the time. However, both my ovulation and the periods themselves have been excruciating.

The first period I had, I went to the ER. We determined that it’s in the right place, hasn’t punctured the wall of my uterus, and there’s no infection. But the pain is unbearable. Like, screaming into my pillow, can’t stand up, feel like I’m going to faint pain. This pain is 9-10 and comes in waves over my period that can last anywhere from 30 minutes to over 6 hours. During the rest of my ovulation and period, my pain is anywhere between a 4-7. I cannot stand most of the time, and am unable to sleep, and unable to work.

The er gave me t3s, and my gyno prescribed mefenamic acid for the pain, but I haven’t felt any reduction in pain with either medication.

My hope is that if I stick this out for another few months, my periods will stop completely and I won’t have this period pain or ovulation pain. But this is debilitating and I don’t know how many more months I can do this. I start full time school again in the fall, and I can’t afford to miss 7-10 days of school every cycle.

Did anyone else go through something like this? Did the pain ever stop? I really appreciate any insights you all might have.

Severe pain 2 months after iud? When will it stop?