Share your abortion story for a new project

Hi! I hope this post is allowed but I started a new project called @InTheirShoesStories on Instagram.

It is a community project that highlights the necessity for bodily autonomy and access to safe abortion and aftercare.

We believe there is power in Storytelling and that sharing your story can lessen the burden, make us feel less alone and comfort those that it resonates with.

Anti-choice activists would claim that those who have abortions are baby-murdering monsters, instead of ordinary people who’ve made the best decision for their own, and their loved ones’ lives. Many us, or those we love, have had an abortion and deserve our support and kindness.

If you would like to share your story anonymously, send it in your own words along with a pic of your shoes to be featured. Details are on the Insta page.

We welcome stories from folks of all gender identities, races, sexual orientations and ages. We hope you can trust us with your story and find some solidarity and hope in the page.

I’d love it if you’d check it out, give it a follow and share your story!

Share your abortion story for a new project