Something small we can do to support protests

It occured to me yesterday that there’s a lot of people who want to help support the protests, but are financially limited or face other hurdles that can’t be easily overcome. Things like being unable to take time off work, or having disabilities.
So here’s my thinking – if enough of us make it a point to click and read the news articles that are reporting on the protests surrounding the supreme court it will encourage the news to keep covering it.

The news wants clicks and reads and their sites keep track. If they see an uptick in traffic to those articles specifically and continue writing about it, this dumpster fire can’t get swept under the rug. At least not as easily. It keeps the nations eyes on the problem. We want this coverage.

Another bonus is that companies who refuse to advertise their products on pro-choice articles will take a hit too, while giving views to more ethical companies.

Now is this alone enough? Not at all. Donations, showing up to march, and general activism is far more helpful. But for those who can’t participate directly, and for those who want something extra to do, this is a bit of weight that can be thrown around.

Besides…It’s supply and demand. We want them to supply more coverage on the badasses protesting for those who can’t.
Any thoughts or ways to make this more effective?

Something small we can do to support protests