Standing up for myself against apartment neglecting emergency leak. Advice please!

I’ve been in my apartment for about 10 months. One week ago, I came home after work to a leak from my ceiling – pretty heavy. I called emergency maintenance and they came out an hour later. Told me it was upstairs AC unit. They checked it out, said they fixed it, left. It started leaking again 20 min later. I called and they never answered or showed back up. The following day, they cut a hole in my ceiling and set up an industrial fan with no instructions on how long it had to be there. The leak came back that night and dropped into fan. I called emergency maintenance to tell them and asked if it was safe to be present with this thing especially since I have a cat. No answer, no show up. They took the fan the next day when they came back for an unrelated issue and I asked about it. Friday, they came and drilled a piece of cardboard into my ceiling and left. Friday night, my ceiling was raining. Like a heavy, heavy drip. I called emergency maintenance again… no answer, no show.

Saturday, I emailed my leasing office + manager and said it’s becoming unlivable, unsafe, I’m sure it’s getting moldy, and I can’t keep living like this. The office assistant responded saying leaks are normal, they’ll figure it out, whatever. I told them I want to be present if maintenance comes into my apartment for this . I work 12h shifts 15 min from home so told them to give me a 30 min heads up and I’d leave. They acknowledged and said they’d call me. They never did and I see on my pet camera a few hours later they’re in my apartment.

That evening the same office assistant emailed me and said it was a pipe burst and been delayed since upstairs neighbors have been denying access for emergency maintenance. She said they’d come and replace the wet cardboard drilled into my ceiling and replace it with a dry one. It should all be done by 6pm. I come home at 630pm – no one had ever come back, wet cardboard still drilled into my ceiling.

It’s now Tuesday. The leak seems to have been fixed, but it only leaks at night so I’m not too sure. The leasing manager has never responded to my emails. At this point, I don’t know what I want a resolution to be. I don’t want to live in this insanity anymore, especially with mold, and want to break my lease early without penalty but don’t have anything lined up . The idea of going to talk to the manager in person about an issue makes me feel sick. I have really bad anxiety. But this isn’t right. Upstairs needs to be penalized for denying emergency access – which is a breach of our lease. Apartment needs to be held responsible. But fighting for myself is so, so hard.

Any advice is so appreciated.

Standing up for myself against apartment neglecting emergency leak. Advice please!