Sterilization consultation at 23

Next month, I finally have a preop consultation with a doctor regarding sterilization. I would prefer a bisalp, but am okay with a tubal.

I have been fighting for this for years. I have been rejected for it every year since I was 18. Ironically enough, Roe V Wade being overturned was what made my doctor’s office finally take me seriously and give me a referral.

I am compiling a sterilization binder to increase my chances of being approved, but I’m absolutely terrified of being rejected again. Abortion access is limited now, and I’m concerned about contraception access. I need this to go well.

Would anyone who has gone through this process care to share what statements really worked for them? I want to be honest, factual, and firm, but I also want to take valid medical advice into consideration.

My binder has a personal statement, general information about sterilization, studies on regret after sterilization, studies on how removal of Fallopian tubes decreases ovarian cancer risk, politics affecting bodily autonomy, and soon it will have studies on long-term health risks for traditional contraceptives like the pill and IUD.

Thank you to anyone who read this far.

Sterilization consultation at 23