Teacher is always pressed when a student says they don’t want kids

He always comes back with the “but kids bring so much joy into your life” and keeps saying “how can you not want kids” and “it would be so lonely without kids”.

Isn’t this man’s job to have a neutral opinion about stuff like this and NOT force his opinions on us? Now, we’re already 14-15 year olds who can think and make decisions on their own and have opinions but think about what that would do to someone younger. Wouldn’t it put so much stress on them? Getting told by a teacher, a person who is known to tell something to learn from and remember, that it’s not fun to not have kids? What if they don’t want kids? Imagine how they would feel.

Also, he keeps asking us since the past two lessons what some legitime reasons are to have children. He wasn’t happy with any of our answers and refuses to tell the whole class what he thinks is a legitimate reason.

In one of those lesson he asked who wants to have children and who doesn’t want to. Three students, including me, raised their hand. He immediately asked one of us “why?” Like huh????? Why didn’t he ask the people who DO want children why they want children but only asked the ones who don’t? And then he continued with the “oawwww but they bring so much joy into your life.”

I swear it makes me mad. He’s supposed to have a NEUTRAL opinion, not call others out like that, especially not his students, with a topic like this.

Teacher is always pressed when a student says they don’t want kids