The #1 reason

Tw. I just need to vent to like minded people

Sometimes I just want to scream at my family that they are the number one reason I never want kids. I don’t want them to force anyone else into my family.

I’ve always been the outcast in my family. I have a more punk ascetic, I’m gay, atheist and of course childfree. Because I already am so different from the rest of my family any time I have a different veiw or experience than them everyone thinks I’m exaggerating, lying or looking for attention. Meanwhile no one in my family actually gives a shit about me.

I recently told my parents in an emotional breakdown about how I was molested as a child by a family member. They have had said family member over MULTIPLE times since and they just don’t care.

I have crippling anxiety and depression and I’m expected to just get over it while my sister who has anxiety is coddled.

And most recently: I currently have covid and it’s absolutely kicking my ass. I have a terrible fever, entire body aches, throat is absolutely destroyed and congested past the point of painful. And no one cares.

When each of them got it a few months ago they all got care packages, daily check ins, distanced outside visits and just constant reassurance and support.

I have gotten nothing. Not even a damn text.

My family and how they treat me is the number 1 reason I don’t want kids! I don’t want to bring anyone else into this family. I know I would never get any support and god forbid if anything when’s wrong I would be dismissed and called dramatic.

The #1 reason