The invisibility of aging

Is there any other mid 40s woman who actually enjoy the invisibility aging seems to bring?

From about 13 I was hit on, alot. Creepers, old dudes, you name it, I attracted it. I’m a fairly low maintenance tom boy, always hated heels and make up etc. But I spent years being careful how I spoke to anyone so my natural friendliness wasn’t mis interpreted. I avoided being along in public so random guys wouldn’t grope me.

I spent nearly 30 years trying to make myself invisible, and even wore a damn plain ring on my finger to pretend I was married at times.

Now middle aged spread had hit, along with a few grey hairs. And I’m loving it.

I don’t have to be nervous about talking to anyone. I don’t have to dull down my smiles and laughter.

I realised this recently, and I was kinda sad really

The invisibility of aging