They’re jealous hypocrites

My aunt’s friend who I’ve known since I was a kid recently had her 4th child; I’ve babysat the kids and they’re all sweet and adorable she and my mom love to talk about “every woman should experience pregnancy” and “kids are a blessing”

Yesterday while at the store one of the kids had a small tantrum over not being able to get popcorn or some snack or something and his mom tells him to stop and shut up, my mom just gives the kid dirty looks the rest of the day then his little brothers keep trying to get out of their strollers and are actually flicking boogers at each other like they’re playing tag with them my mom mutters “disgusting little bastards” while their mom is rocking their baby sister in her arms.

While we get back to her house for dinner, the oldest is still whining, the twins need to be changed and the baby finally gets to sleep. While we’re in the kitchen helping make dinner, their mom comes to me and whispers “honey at least you don’t have to deal with these little gremlins you’re so lucky.”

Their own mom who likes to dribble out “every woman should have babies” and “pregnancy is a blessing” is now telling me I’m lucky.”

The mom whose kids run around, shout, play around in stores, have tantrums, throw things and she just grabs them and yells “shut up” like all the time. Their dad actually spanks them and curses at them now regrets having kids and says I’m lucky but then says “pregnancy is a blessing and I’m glad to be a mom.”

She’s full of shit and I don’t know why she likes to lie and pretend in front of people when she’s not happy. But at the end of the day it was her decision to be a mom and she made that choice and is now irritated when her kids won’t listen to her.

It’s ridiculous, not only is she lying she brought kids into the world that she has no patience for and doesn’t know how to discipline them. All she does is grab and yell at them, the kids end up crying and her husband hits as “discipline.” She literally got married after dropping out of college and quitting her job because she got pregnant with her oldest son.

She’s not happy but still posts pictures of her daughter in new baby clothes and toys saying “here’s my new little princess” while still not being able to discipline her older ones.

It’s a never ending cycle of gaslighting and abuse, the only people I feel sorry for are the kids and the new baby. People like her are hypocrites and they’re jealous and take their anger out on kids who don’t deserve it.

They’re jealous hypocrites