Today is my anniversary…

…Of my abortion.

On Saturday, July 10, 2010, I underwent a medical abortion.

The abortion was the smartest thing for me to do at the time, as I was in NO position—financially, physically, and emotionally—capable of gestating and birthing a child. My parents, and the father of the fetus, were in agreement, and supported termination.

I’m not going to lie—I did have one afternoon of crying beforehand—but not because of the abortion itself or the loss of a future child, but because of the *fear* I would NOT be able to terminate. If that did come to pass, then I would have *definitely* unalived myself.

And here I am, twelve years later, RvW overturned, and me in a red trigger state.

And so I fight for women to have the same privilege I had twelve years ago, lest they cry those same tears I did, of hopelessness and despair.

Because of the abortion, I have been able to live a successful life, a life full of joy, happiness, and above all, *freedom*. I shudder to think how compromised my life would have been otherwise. “Hell on earth” is the phrase that comes to mind.

So, my childfree friends and compatriots, join me in raising a glass of your preferred beverage of choice, and drink to FREEDOM and CHOICE—that selfsame FREEDOM and CHOICE that these craven and cowardly republicans *thought* they could take away from us…

…Little did they know that even the childfree will fight like a proverbial threatened mother.

Today is my anniversary…