what could have been

Hi. I’ve heard a lot of women share their abortion stories, and honestly, I’ve been thinking about my life what what led up to this point. I’m almost 22, im going to grad school in the fall, and I have a loving family that i genuinely dont deserve. My family is financially well off in life despite hiccups in the early 2000’s.

Flash back to the year 2000. In the womb, doctors discovered i had a congenital heart disease called Tetrology of Fallot. Basically a lot of stuff is messed up with your heart. Most get surgery before 6 months and live full, happy lives, but without surgery, i would have died in my late teens/early 20’s.

Because my dad worked with doctors for his job, they could afford the life saving surgery as well as the numerous doctors visits and tests I had to go through, most of which piled up in the tens of thousands. Even more. I am very fortunate to have these advantages and am able to live a healthy life

But that’s not the point. The point is te what if, in this new landscape of no more Roe.

What if my family was poor? What if they didn’t have health insurance? What if they were forced to choose financial ruin or the life of their child? Imagine, perhaps, a family of three struggling to survive. Struggling to make ends meet, realizing that because of the MRI that their daughter needs will force them to eat cheap ramen and hot pockets for weeks. Not being able to put their only child through college, no matter how hard they saved. Maybe the parents start to resent their child. Maybe the child resents themselves.

Or, perhaps, in another universe they couldn’t afford the surgery. They chose something like financial stability in order to stay afloat. Throughout the years, they would watch their daughter struggle to breathe–her lips and fingertips blue no matter what. And she gets weaker. And weaker. Until the parents watch their child die right before her high school graduation. All because they couldn’t afford a surgery and checkups.

The stars aligned for me, but they don’t align for anyone. And i wouldn’t wish those fates on anyone. Having a child is enough money, but a child with heart disease? Forget it. And what about forcing parents to watch their child die? Slowly, over years and years, and they can’t do anything to stop it.

Thats the possible future some families face without abortion. And anyone with a heart would know how horrific that is.

what could have been