What is life like as single, childfree and 30+ adult?

Hey guys!

I stumbled upon your subreddit by chance and started reading some posts. Long story short, my dating skills are apparently not up to standard and I will probably be involuntarily single and childfree going forward in life.

So now I’m mostly curious about the question in the title. I think we all have seen different versions of the typical family life, either in movies or IRL.

But what about those of us that grow old without kids in the picture? Or even a partner in the picture? I’m genuinely interested in hearing about what your life looks like as a result of your childfree choice.

Thanks for sharing guys! Many different views from people in different stages of life.

To summarise what has been posted, from what I can gather many of the benefits are strictly financial and time related. You can save/spend money that otherwise would have been spent on kid related things. And have the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want, instead of sacrificing your own time/energy for someone else’s needs.

At the same time there seem to be a big difference in quality of life between doing this as a solo/single person and as a likeminded couple. The importance of having plenty of hobbies and passions to fill up your week/day is also very evident based on what I have read so far.

Either way, this input definitely was a big help for me. Hopefully other people in this sub find this post useful as well. :)

What is life like as single, childfree and 30+ adult?