What questions should I ask my insurance about getting a bisalp?

I have an appointment for a bisalp consult at the end of August. I’m 24 and on my parents insurance. I realize I need to first call and ask if this doctor is in the network – I haven’t checked because I was first worried about securing an appointment.

I can hide the surgery and healing because I will be away at college when/if it happens, so no biggie there.

I am in Indiana on my dad’s Anthem Blue Cross insurance. One of the things I need to ask is if they can hide my EOBs from my dad and get those mailed to my address at school. If they can’t hide that, then I think this adventure is over for me. lol

I think another thing I need to check is how much of the procedure will be covered – I found a website that explains the billing code for a bisalp/tubal, is that what I should bring up? How should I ask about this?

If there is leftover cost to be covered, is that billed or does it need to be paid immediately, like before leaving the hospital? Is it billed to Me or primary insurance holder? Suggestions on ways to prepare for this?

Are there any other questions I should ask? I want to make sure all of my bases are covered. I’m definitely a noob at this sort of stuff and I’m just worried about doing it right and not getting freaked out on by my dad.

Thanks for any and all help (^:

What questions should I ask my insurance about getting a bisalp?