Why are men so obsessed with their “blood lines?”

So I’ve had two exes that made weird comments about their bloodlines or legacy. As if they’re some royalty that needs an heir. Hence why they’re in the ex category.

1st BF said he was taking a risk with me because of my downs lil brother. He said it like he was so noble for wanting a family with me despite the “risks.” Ew.

2nd BF was Korean, and was apparently from some prestigious line of Kim’s in Korea. Said his family had a big fancy book tracing their bloodline. Anyway, one night we were talking on the phone. He was drunk and we were just chatting, idk how it came up but he said “I’m sacrificing a lot for you, if we have kids it’ll mess up my family’s blood line.” I hung up on him. I was so shocked and hurt, so gross like what century do you think this is?

Who do these men think they are?

It’s makes me feel sick. I’ve known since I was a teen that I didn’t want kids ever. I’m planning/working on getting sterilized. I am no one’s incubator, I’m a full fledged human with my own will and dreams. Why are men like this? I find it completely repulsing.

I used to give long truthful explanations for why I didn’t want kids. Now I just say, “My bloodline dies with me.”

Have you ladies experienced this attitude from men before?

Why are men so obsessed with their “blood lines?”