Why female bosses are so important…

For context, I’m a trainee surgical pharmacist at a hospital in the UK and due to ‘re-structuring’ my job is now redundant. My boss has already got a new job and started said job on Monday, I was told that I would go back to my original post as a trainee pharmacist at the outpatient pharmacy.

Now, all the male bosses I spoke to had the same ‘that’s the way the cookie crumbles’ mind-set and this led me to believe that they couldn’t do anything because these developments came from the higher-ups.

On Wednesday, I was asked to attend a meeting about these recent developments and I expected it to be a lot of platitudes but no actual substance. The three people holding the meeting were the matron, the PODP and the senior sister who told me that they were all very annoyed that the ‘powers-that-be’ had just dropped this on us with no warning but they had a idea.

They had spoken to my former boss and told her that I had far more potential working in the operating department than in the pharmacy. She agreed and suggested that I would be an ideal candidate to be become a operating department practitioner. So, their idea was to transfer me to the OD as a permanent employee and move me from a degree in Pharmacology to a degree in operating department practice.

Nothing else would change and all the units I’d done so far in my current degree were ‘core’ units that everyone who’s studying medicine/life sciences has to do anyway so they would just transfer over so all the work I’d done since January wasn’t a waste. They told me that I didn’t have to decide on the spot but they would need a answer by Friday. I discussed it with my GF that night and she obviously told me to go for it so I told them the next day I would accept their offer.

So, come Monday August 1st I will be a trainee operating department practitioner but this whole ordeal has proven the importance of female bosses. All the bosses attitude was a classic case of ‘sucks to be you’ while these women worked with my former boss to come up with a practical solution that helped all parties . I just thought I’d post this positive work story about women helping other women out, TYSM for reading!

Why female bosses are so important…