WW3 will change everything, or at least I think so!!

Well to start with excuse my English It’s my third language, in addition I am still young so I am open to corrections from all the adults here.

I am from Egypt, a country that forces men to join the military for 2-5 years and you have to become a sub until you are 49 incase of any war declaration. With Egypt’s economical and political state I believe there is a big chance it will join the war if WW3 erupts. I am 17 which means a year from now I will be forced to join the military if anything happens.

Aside from all that we alk understand that WW3 will most likely eliminate many men. So I always think what will that change about the current state of feminism and the men that will survive .

There are 2 ways for this either feminism will get tonned down and understand the importance of some of these men, or it will get worse. I mean if we look at Ukraine for example i have never heard a single woman come out as being grateful for the men that were left behind and feminists absolutely ignored this fact, although they always tell us the feminism is about equality for both genders. Ironic isn’t it?

I understand that I am not specific about my point but I would like to leave it open and hear opinions.

WW3 will change everything, or at least I think so!!