“You don’t have to hide.”

I’ve always found it hard to connect with male superiors, particularly in vulnerable moments.

Earlier today, I had a meeting with my boss and manager. They’ve been sitting down with everyone in our very small company to ask for feedback, offer feedback, and touch base as our small team grows and receives recognition as leaders in our community.

Working for this company has been the best job I’ve ever had, but us winning some awards has made our jobs much harder. And imposter syndrome has been hitting me hard.

I was expressing to them, both men with far more knowledge and skill than myself in our field how much I felt like an imposter. How after a year working at this job, I felt like I didn’t belong on our team.

My boss looked me dead in the eyes while I expressed my concerns. He tells me it’s okay. That we’re all learning, always, and he sometimes feels this way too. He tells me that I belong on this team and reminds me of skills I dismiss having. He tells me that’s it’s okay to feel insecure. And that when I have I self-doubts, that it’s okay. “You don’t have to hide. Take this opportunity to grow, we are all here for support and we’d love to help you.”

He tells me to take practical steps. And together they remind me that it’s okay to have skills different from the rest of my team- that’s what strong teams have!

What a beautiful thing to hear. Thank you, K.

“You don’t have to hide.”